Thursday, 4 June 2015

Put Down Your Phones And Put Your Hands On The Table

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Imagine you are sitting at a restaurant waiting for dinner, and your friend pulls out their phone. In fact, you probably do not need to imagine this as it is a daily occurrence for many of us every single day. This can be endlessly frustrating as not only does it break the flow of conversation but it also builds a barrier between the two of you as they quickly become distracted; one notification leading to another. Just like this image from How I Met Your Mother checking Barney's Facebook then needing to check Barney's Instagram. This is true of restaurants; lobbies, schools, libraries, museums and in almost every public space we suffer the same frustrating behaviours. This is the digital age however and more than ever we do expect digital answers.

A table has, and always will be, the natural place for meetings. We sit ourselves around one to chat, to eat, to socialise.

The DIGITABLE is a tool to help enrich these interactions. Instead of pulling out our phones, breaking conversations and isolating people, a communal screen in the centre of table makes technology a social activity.

nsquared attractor is the app developed for 360 degree, multi-user ad hoc interaction. With context-relevant content floating around ready to be engage with, it is a tool to help bring people to a table to interact with digital content collaboratively and socially. Whether to search through  information as the conversation progresses, to watch videos of nearby attractions or browse content in a retail or education space, nsquared attractor is the simple-to-use, sleek application that puts peoples phones back in their pocket and gets them talking again.

Check out the latest video on nsquared attractor below!

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