Friday, 22 May 2015

Future of Screens: LG Wallpaper TV

Image: LG

In an announcement that is going to make your current flat screen body conscious, this week LG announced the launch of the “Wallpaper TV". The Wallpaper TV is the latest development in screen technology - using breakthrough, albeit outrageously expensive, curved screen and OLED technology. But, the future looks bright if you are itching to clip your TV to your wall like a magnet to your fridge as soon as possible, the costs are being reduced dramatically every month as efficiencies and breakthroughs continue. Read more on specifications here.

What does this mean for digital tables? 

While this isn’t touch screen technology, this development means a lot for the DIGITABLE. Where the TV is about entertainment, the digital table is about interaction. Efficiencies in screen technologies, making them smaller, more flexible and more affordable, mean we are one step closer to having more screens in more places. One day, flexible touch screens such as the LG Wallpaper TV will be able to be applied to any table surface and comprehensive, capable multi-user interfaces will be there to work in symbiosis with us; we are that much closer to a world of enriched collaboration. Bring on the Wallpaper TV!

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