Friday, 15 May 2015

Introducing the DIGITABLE

We have had an exciting past few months at nsquared. We launched a whole new and improved interface with radialshell. We had the chance to attend the Easter Show with our friends from Lockyer Valley. Neil was a speaker at the Corning Realising the Vision symposium. We are constantly updating and improving our software; over 30 multi-user apps, that keeps us busy non-stop. Also we have had a number of great new members join our growing team.

Now, we are excited to announce, we are launching the DIGITABLE.

The DIGITABLE is a collaborative tool that combines leading edge, award winning technology, carefully crafted to encourage greater productivity in meetings. This product is now available at an incredible price, learn more here.

We have launched a new video with our friends from Haworth to walk through the DIGITABLE - check it out below!

This is the start of an exciting new range of tables nsquared is developing specifically aimed at increasing productivity in meetings. Work Together Better. Stay tuned for more announcements soon.

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