Thursday, 12 February 2015

Get collaborating with interactive meetings

How important do you think collaboration is? We've noticed that our personal devices have been leading us in the wrong direction when it comes to engaging in meetings. They give off a sense of solitude and seclusion.

Why not turn presentations into collaborative meetings? Get your clients or colleagues engaging with the content rather than just presenting it to them. Keep their attention by creating an emotional attachment between themselves and the information you're presenting.

Occasionally people with outstanding presentation skills can keep us focused on the content. Most of us are not great orators and need a lot of help to keep our audience engaged.  However when you are involved in working together as a team, you find that you stay focused for longer. The benefit of keeping people engaged is that everyone participates and remains focused on the content being discussed. The conversation becomes something that the participants will recall even when the meeting is over.

Get your hands on a digital table and watch your meetings become a lot more affective and concise. Leave your isolating meetings in the past and get collaborating on an nsquared digitable!

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