Thursday, 26 February 2015

Did you know that we are creating a new content pack every month?

We have a dedicated software development team here at nsquared who create a new and exciting content pack on a monthly basis. These content packs are made for our educational and games applications: nsquared makewords, nsquared herding, nsquared snap, nsquared missing card, and nsquared jigsaw.

Each month we send our existing clients a notification advising them of the new content pack. Additionally, customers have the option to create content packs themselves using nsquared's online education admin portal.

Here is a quick synopsis of these applications:

  • nsquared makewords: promote collaboration and competition by teaching your students how to spell.
  • nsquared snap: a fantastic exercise for the classroom to get young minds thinking and their memory working.
  • nsquared herding: a multi-user game that teaches object recognition and counting.
  • nsquared missing card: help students solve maths problems using this pattern-matching game.
  • nsquared jigsaw: get the students working together to put the pieces back together.

Get your students excelling with our latest content pack, 'Difficult Animals'!

If engaging your students is important to you, contact us for more details on 02 9262 3386.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

nsquared's new meeting room table

The Porter is Sydney's exclusive business lounge, located in the CBD. We're very excited to announce that our new meeting room table is now part of their lounge space as of this week. Members are free to use the table as a collaborative tool in their meetings to increase productivity and engagement.

Our vision is to enable you to gather with your team and work as one. Why not see for yourself by leaving your personal devices and print outs behind and experience the difference in engagement first hand?
 At nsquared we believe the actions involved in a meeting are made more efficient when using a digital table.

Here are the benefits we have already discovered while communicating around our digital table:

  • Collaborating. Working with the content as well as the people is a crucial part of any meeting. 
  • Brainstorming. Solving problems, creating solutions, and conceptualising ideas has never been easier with the use of a digital table.
  • Presenting. Creating presentations and integrating other digital devices has become seamless.
  • Sharing. Sharing media and documents with your team can be done with the touch of a finger.

Want to see the latest nsquared digitable in action?
Contact us for a demo
02 9262 3386

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Get collaborating with interactive meetings

How important do you think collaboration is? We've noticed that our personal devices have been leading us in the wrong direction when it comes to engaging in meetings. They give off a sense of solitude and seclusion.

Why not turn presentations into collaborative meetings? Get your clients or colleagues engaging with the content rather than just presenting it to them. Keep their attention by creating an emotional attachment between themselves and the information you're presenting.

Occasionally people with outstanding presentation skills can keep us focused on the content. Most of us are not great orators and need a lot of help to keep our audience engaged.  However when you are involved in working together as a team, you find that you stay focused for longer. The benefit of keeping people engaged is that everyone participates and remains focused on the content being discussed. The conversation becomes something that the participants will recall even when the meeting is over.

Get your hands on a digital table and watch your meetings become a lot more affective and concise. Leave your isolating meetings in the past and get collaborating on an nsquared digitable!