Friday, 24 April 2015

A revolution in technology… what's next?

Pioneering technology since 2008

The nsquared digitable has come a long way since 2008.

Back then, when massive multi-touch technology was still being realised, we only had the Microsoft Surface 1 to work with.

We recognised the huge potential for education, as a tool for collaborative learning and teamwork development. Personal devices might not have been as pervasive then as they are now, but technology was still focussed on the individual. Because of nsquared's vision, we have helped libraries, university students and school children advance their learning through teamwork. Our promise and vision was clear. We became Australia's first Microsoft Surface strategic partner.

Always on the forefront of technology, we were pioneers of the Samsung SUR40 technology complete with Microsoft PixelSense once it was released. We once again received incredible attention for our efforts in using this technology and we became Australia's first Microsoft Premier Partner Award for Pixelsense.

And most recently, we achieved the highest commendation for technology design in Sydney last year, winning the technology category in the Sydney 2014 Design Awards.

We have proven ourselves to be trailblazers, but this is only the beginning.

In the next few weeks, we are excited to announce,  we will be launching our latest table. With absolute care and consideration taken down to microscopic detail, this digitable is the most sophisticated yet.

Designed specifically for business,  this table will give you the most efficient and productive meetings you and your team have ever experienced.

To learn more, send us an inquiry at Much more to be announced soon.

Our Digitable55 in 2014

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Welcome to nsquared

nsquared is a small, devoted team of tech & design heads based in Sydney, Australia that all believe in one thing: more collaboration and sharing will improve our lives. For this reason, we spend our lives working with and trying to harness cutting edge technology, whether it be digital tables or Microsoft Kinect, in order to help bring people together.

We also realise that it is a good idea to take a step back to remember why you are really doing things sometimes. This week we launched a new Introduction to nsquared video to help explain our vision to the world - have a look and let us know what you think! Conversation is what we love best.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Wrapping Up The Easter Show

After nearly two weeks of fun, and swollen from showbag goodness, yesterday nsquared wrapped up our time at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. What were we doing there? Lockyer Valley Regional Council was looking for an engaging display to set them apart from the mass of stands, and we were there to give them the solution they were looking for. We provided our friends at Lockyer Valley with one of our digitables complete with a range of nsquared apps and the response was overwhelming.

 As Australia's largest annual event, the Show had a huge turnout, nearly 900,000 people passed through its gates this year. Based on the rate of people coming through the Lockyer Valley stand, we would guess a large portion of Showgoers got their fingers on our digitable too. To demonstrate the great response we had, here are some estimates from our time at the Show:

4,420 pairs of cards matched in nsquared Snap
2,300 words made in nsquared Makewords
11,220 animals counted in nsquared Herding
254 masterpieces painstakingly composed in nsquared Paint
7,560 beautiful photographs and videos of Lockyer Valley scrolled through and engaged with on our nsquared Attractor app

Such a fantastic turnout with great feedback from both old and new friends is exciting for the whole nsquared team. It's always great to see new people collaborating and connecting on a table together. We look forward to seeing everyone again next year!

Wednesday, 1 April 2015


This week is the annual  "Realizing the Vision of a Connected World" symposium, hosted by American material innovation company Corning. The event itself is focussed on understanding and projecting the future of technology by bringing together some of the world's juiciest brains to ignite and inspire discussion ; asking us the questions that most of us would find so difficult. Where are we going? Why? And significantly, how?

Amongst a host of distinguished speakers such as Dr Genevieve Bell, Vice President of Intel, and Dr Bill Buxton, principal researcher at Microsoft, will be our founder and director Dr Neil Roodyn - see him here on stage at a talk earlier this week. Having been involved in the software development industry since the 1980s, Neil will be shedding some insight into where he sees the future, and how he is realising his vision.

Corning's "Realizing the Vision" symposium is a landmark event on the calendar for any tech-head and the event itself will highlight the exciting possibilities technology has to offer, and will give us a glimpse into the near and not-too-near future. Corning is perhaps best known for their viral "A Day Made of Glass" video series, a snapshot of the future where every surface is interactive and technology is seamless.

The event itself, hosted in Mountain View California, will contain some select cutting-edge technologies depicted in Corning's "A Day Made of Glass" series such as mirrored interactive displays and other exciting visionary technology.

Glass is such an important part of our modern technologies that we need to consider how our world would look without modern glass. We are living in the Age of Glass, check out the latest videos by our friends the Mythbusters.