Thursday, 10 December 2015

The DIGITABLE PLUS is coming to America!


We are excited to announce something that we think is kind of a big deal; nsquared is bringing the DIGITABLE to the USA.

Since 2010, innovative thinkers all across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia have been working better together on nsquared's award winning digital tables. 2016 is an exciting landmark event for us at nsquared as we hop over the Pacific to give our American friends the chance to start collaborating together better.

We would like to invite all our friends and fans in the Seattle area, or anyone feeling adventurous, to contact us to organise a visit to check out what we have been making down under. Very soon, we will have a DIGITABLE PLUS on show.
Complete with all the cutting edge apps nsquared has been finessing on our latest operating environment, nsquared tabletop, you will have the opportunity to experience multi-user, collaborative technology unlike any you have seen before. We will also be accepting orders for 2016, with our American table materials wholly sourced from local suppliers using FSC certified wood.

To find out more, send us an email here, or connect with us on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.

 Work. Together. Better. See you soon USA!

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