Thursday, 26 March 2015

Sydney Royal Easter Digitable Show

There is no doubt about it, roaming the swathes of booths at the Sydney Royal Easter Show makes you feel like a little kid again. All the food, rides, noise, lollies, smells, food processing units… it's as if the Show hit Ctrl+C from your memory and pasted itself straight into Olympic Park. This year there is something new, however, something you might not be expecting…

Lockyer Valley has decided to add an exciting immersive element to their display. Instead of a standard PowerPoint scrolling in the background, the folk at Lockyer Valley have put one of nsquared's digitables at the centre of their stand. An exciting bit of technology to make anyone feel like a kid again, Lockyer Valley are using nsquared apps to draw in the crowds. A fun interactive display of photos, on our nsquared attractor app, of life in Lockyer Valley, enables the crowds can flip through images at their leisure. Lockyer Valley has also included a collection of immersive farm games to keep the hoards of kids busy; nsquared paint, nsquared makewords, nsquared herding, and nsquared snap.  Check out the photos from the first day of the event. If you're at the Easter Show this year be sure to come say hi and check out our digitable! 

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